Nuraloop, the first earphone that automatically learns and adapts to your hearing, is finally available for pre-order. The revolutionary device comes in the aftermath of the success of the multi-award winning Nuraphone, introducing a new dimension to the wireless listening experience.

More compact than the Nuraphone, the Nuraloop utilises the same Nura Personalised Sound technology, in which highly sensitive microphones monitor otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) by detecting the activity in the cochlea inside the ear, learning the frequencies that a listener may be more or less sensitive too. This test is guided by the Nura app (iOS and Android), creating a personalised profile that is stored directly on the NuraLoop.

The Nuraloop is now up for pre-order with a limited-time discount of 30% (original pricing £199) until its official launch. Check it out here.

In addition, Nura is launching two bespoke Nura Soundstudio's in Westfield London on May 16th and Westfield Stratford on May 29th with dedicated nura experts. You can now experience personalised sound and try before you buy!