Despite the constant minimal improvements in Bluetooth and headphone technology, one aspect that seems to be curiously lacking is the clarity of phone calls. Rather than accept this as normalcy, Tommy Kim, the founder of Golden Ears, an audio equipment testing and sound analysis company, has crafted a newer, more efficient method combining the simplicity of earbuds with significantly higher call clarity with Sign by Orfeo. The CES 2016 honoree is currently being presented at Berlin's IFA 2016 consumer industrial exhibition, demonstrating its noise-cancelling advantages.

Users simply wear the skin-tone headphones and can block out all background noise during phone calls, including heavier sounds like construction and traffic - perfect for people living in crowded areas or, perhaps more importantly, working in loud environments on a daily basis.

The technology, luckily, works for music, games, and other audio features as well, giving users a well-rounded noise-cancelling tech that surprasses nearly all competitors. Users are also given control of which background sounds can enter through the accompanying app, making it safer for use while driving or riding a bike.

On Sign, Kim notes, "We have worked for years to develop the most effective noise-cancelling technology and here it is. We created orfeo with the certitude that our technology will not only change the B2B market, but also the lifestyle of the listeners."

Take a deeper look at the technology below.