The newest in a constantly expanding batch of instrument-driven Kickstarters is OWOW, which brings aspiring musicians a chance to play and produce with completely alternative, computer-centric devices. The brainchild behind the campaign is Pieter-Jan Pieters, who explains on the site that he himself was quite the novice when it came to traditional music academia.

It reads:

"Many years ago, Pieter-Jan Pieters (founder of OWOW) did not get into music academy because he could not read sheet music even though he was making digital music on a regular basis. This caused him a lot of frustration that eventually translated into the instruments you can pre-order today. These instruments project human passion and intuition into the way you make music."

The OWOW project includes five budget-sensitive instruments in two versions: The "wob" pad, which controls sound by hand movement; the "wiggle" stick, which resembles a wii-mote and "shapes" music by hand axis rotation; the "drum" pad, which allows the users to actually airdrum; a separate credit card sized drum pad; and a "scan" device, which allows the user to draw musical lines on the software.

Get a full sense of the project and financial estimations via the official OWOW Kickstarter page. Otherwise, check out a promotional video for the project below.