Last summer, Panasonic revealed what was possibly the biggest piece of information to audiophiles of the year - the return of the Technics turntable. Lauded by DJs, the design went into submission in 2010, right before the resurgence of the vinyl industry. Thankfully Panasonic took up the reigns again, which finally revealed the new model this week at CES 2016.

Two editions of the model will be released in 2016. First, the Grand Class SL-1200GAE, which arrives this summer albeit limited to 1200 units. At the end of the year the company will release the a non-limited version. Both likely expensive models will, according to the company, remove the degrading sound quality inhibited by lesser devices.

Wired got its hands on a full list of heavy details for the new SL-1200, of which include: a multi-layered construction that would lessen vibrations, a "highly damped" tonearm (made of aluminum on the standard model and magnesium on the Grand Glass edition), and an aluminum top to refine the look of the model.

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