Considering the fact that bitcoin is trading at around $5600 per unit nowadays, any online casino player who had used bitcoin as his/her preferred currency (at sign-up or later) would have made a handsome profit on his/her deposits by now.

A large number of online casino players who had standing bitcoin balances in their accounts, and hadn’t played with those bitcoins for years or months, would’ve most likely seen their $ 100 worth of bitcoins (at the time of deposit) swelling up to around $ 80,000 or even more today! This surge in bitcoin value is expected to increase the popularity of bitcoin-accepting casinos as people may think their account balances may automatically appreciate in value over a period of time, something that may not be possible in normal currencies.

Investors who are bullish on bitcoins also stand to benefit significantly from this boom that saw close to $ 15 billion added in terms of market capitalisation in mid-August this year. John MacAfee has predicted that Bitcoin will reach a value of $ 500,000 per coin, which would really make it an incentive to play at online casinos using Bitcoin. Even if you can’t afford to buy Bitcoins at the moment you can still claim various types of free spins without deposit from online casinos in order to build up your bankroll without having to risk any of your own money.

Casinos accepting bitcoins peak in terms of growth

The popularity of bitcoin as an ideal gambling currency is increasing rapidly, with no signs of stopping! The total number of bitcoin bets placed the world over from 2014 to 2016 was worth around $ 4.5 billion. A study done in this regard suggested that 337 bitcoin bets are placed per second at the global level, and bitcoin betting may constitute as much as one-fifth of the entire $ 50 billion internet gambling industry throughout the world.

The potential appreciation in the bitcoin value and the anonymity in bitcoin betting makes it a highly preferred currency for high-stakes players. The transparent and open nature of bitcoin makes it the favourite of grey markets world over too, especially places where there’s still a lot of ambiguity around the gambling laws. People who are interested in gambling with Bitcoin are recommended to read independent bitcoin casino reviews before playing.

There’s no stopping the bitcoin boom!

Analysts are of the opinion that the global political tensions have a lot to do with the sudden surge in the bitcoin prices. Investors everywhere are seeing cryptocurrencies as a safe backup option, with conventional currencies being prone to fluctuations owing to international conflicts. The sudden spike in demand for bitcoins has caused a major boost in their value, also making it one of the mainstream payment options at several platforms. Parties that were earlier wary of cryptocurrencies are showing great interest in bitcoins these days!

So, would it make sense for you to cash in your bitcoin deposits right now? Although bitcoin prices are climbing constantly, many big investors think that this is just the beginning. The currency is prone to peaks and dips so of course, it does involve risk, but in the long run, we will almost certainly see continuous growth in price.