Many of life's little traveling dilemmas have been solved. We can talk on the phone whilst in transit, play games on the move, send emails and effectively run a business without ever having to actually sit down in an office. However, one thing remains to receive a definitive solution: making music.

Sure, if you take your laptop with you then you can muster up something, but if you don't fancy lugging that around, then what? Some artists make a solution for themselves; recently Andrew Huang crafted his debut Rave Cave EP exclusively using a Nintendo Gameboy whilst travelling. Certainly original. But the other option is the less-DIY and much more convenient option of music apps.

But with a wealth of music software and DAWs out there in app form for tablets and smartphones, the next dilemma: which to choose? Well, the best people to explore and review these apps are the artists who use music software all the time, so in this new feature series we pit artist against app and see what happens. They'll talk you through the app, its pros and cons, and share a morsel of music they've made using the software, too.

We begin with Suzi, one half of UK duo Prinzhorn Dance School, who gives us the lowdown on Figure, an app from Swedish music software company Propellerhead, and tops it off with her bubbly experiment 'Looseends'.

I discovered Figure through a friends recommendation, and after trying many disappointing soft-synth / sequencing apps I was impressed from the start. There's a vast range of bass, leads and kits (which is constantly updated), full and thick sounds that I didn't expect from this little app, but I've been drawn towards new frequencies I haven't got on my bass guitar.

The programming side of things is very simple and cleverly designed, as is the sculpting of the sounds, mixing and effects. Figure really comes to life when you start tweaking your patterns as you're playing them, and the ability to punch in and record these tweaks as you go without having to stop. I just wish it had a longer recording facility. Maybe I haven't found it yet.

I thought this was just for a laugh on the train but sometimes we think of melodies, beats or basslines and can't always be in a studio to capture them. This app solved that for me and many of those sketch recordings are going on to be used somewhere with my Arturia minibrute se synth.

Great quality and great fun! I made this in the yard in Brooklyn in the sun with my iPhone and parot zik headphones with a smoke and a brew.