Rdio, the other streaming music service frequently mentioned between Spotify and the new Apple Music, is following suit from the latter in the implementation of brand new curated radio stations, created by the company's brand new Rdio DJ™.

Quite similar to Apple Music's curated radio stations, Rdio's new feature will be crafted by tastemakers around the world. Specifically, Rdio notes, "new stations are launching for the first time in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, India and Asia (which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong), and additional stations have been added to the current offering available in the U.S., Canada and U.K."

"Rdio is committed to making music discovery fun, easy and personal," said Rdio CEO Anthony Bay in a press release. "In keeping with our objective of providing the world's best Internet radio experience, we are proud to partner with key influencers and the label community to program their own branded stations. These stations not only help extend each labels' brand presence but they also let our listeners anywhere in the world discover music from credible brands that they trust and respect."

Stations will not only be available under the more well-known genre destinations, but moods and activity, further researched by the aforementioned Rdio DJ. The tool also allows Rdio users to share those specific stations anywhere.

Rdio's biggest advantage over the burgeoning Apple Music comes from its smaller, independent partnerships - rather than its competitors gargantuan known entities like Drake and Zane Lowe. Featured on the positively long list of Rdio partners are welcoming labels like New York's DFA, garage pop staple Burger Records, Frenchkiss, Glassnote, XL, and plenty more - and that's just for the U.S. Rdio's independent reach is scattered and specialized; meaning fans in say, Brazil, can listen to stations curated by Dubas or Pimba, where no other competitors can say the same as of yet. It's a unique strategy, but Rdio never opted to aim for the highest of highs in the never-ending music streaming market. Rather, it's satisfied being a quality, niche brand.

Still, Rdio hasn't gone quiet in its newfound competition, saying to Apple "Welcome, Apple. Seriously" after the company announced its mega streaming service last month. Get your Rdio subscription here and check out The 405's own curated station for the service too.