It's just desserts, or some other epithet of that ilk, for Apple as Rdio sarcastically welcome them to the digital hustle that is the music streaming game. This, of course, follows the long-awaited announcement from Apple yesterday of their new streaming service, Apple Music.

Whilst you could take their note – "Welcome, Apple. Seriously" – as an unseasonably healthy ushering in of competition, those familiar with Apple's past ads will know that it's a backhanded welcome: The phrase was originally used in an Apple ad run in The Wall Street Journal back in 1981, when IBM first set up shop in the world of personal computers. Very cocky.

See below for Rdio's iteration and Apple's original.

Thankfully, Twitter is choc full of helpful people happy to impart their knowledge – here's the original Apple ad, as tweeted by @ialexryan.