Independent audio company RHA has released an innovative headphone that will change audio experience as we know it: the CL2 Planar is the world's first planar magnetic wireless in-ear headphone, and it will revolutionise portable listening due to its impeccable performance.

Four years in the making, the CL2 Planar comes with both wired and wireless cable options and the technological precision with which it was conceived makes for a sound quality without precedents plus an exquisite design. "We needed to develop something strong and aesthetically superior to protect the incredibly intricate driver," RHA's head of product design Kyle Hutchison explains. "The precision-engineered, injection-moulded zirconium dioxide housings are light, durable and scratch resistant. These beautiful pieces are the result of our inventive design, superior workmanship, and years of experience in true-to-life audio."

RHA's CL2 Planar is priced at £799.95 and will be available for online pre-order on August 23rd. It will hit the shelves of select retailers on September 12th.