Los Angeles-based design agency Rokkan and Pantone have worked together to develop a new app for designers. Pantone Studio now allows for colour to be sampled in the real world to be matched to Pantone’s library of hues.

By transmuting colours captured through the device's camera into the Pantone-provided swatch, images act like a portable eyedropper. Selected colours can be stored in a personal library, where Pantone's algorithms offer colour harmonies curated for you, allowing users to build their own colour palette.

"The app was building off of two fundamentals: inspiration and workspace," CEO of Rokkan, John Noe, explains, while Pantone senior vice president and general manager, Ron Potesky says: "Rokkan helped us create a beautiful interface and intuitive user experience that is more conducive to how designers work today." The app is free to download but is £5.99 for a monthly subscription.

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