Songkick and CrowdSurge, two prominent fixtures in the ever-expanding live music service start-up market, have announced a full merger.

The two companies will join with roughly $16 million in estimated funding from venture firms Access Industries, Index Ventures, and Sequoia Capital. And while the single entity will be refereed to by Songkick, according to Music Ally, this is a fully-even stock-for-stock merger of both sides.

Songkick (the non-merged company) created an in-depth database for fans to discover when their favorite artists had new tour announcements. CrowdSurge, meanwhile, operated a service for fans to go beyond traditional ticket retailers like Ticketmaster and allow artists to directly sell it to them. CrowdSurge has famously earned the services of Paul McCartney, Muse, and many others.

Discussing the deal with the aforementioned Music Ally, Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth noted that the two companies will be in service to over 10 million monthly users and partnerships with over 500 artists for 10,000 annual concert events.

"I've wanted to work with Matt [Jones, CEO of CrowdSurge] for a very long time: I've always really admired his vision for how artists could be more empowered to take control of their live businesses," Hogarth notes in the interview.

"We've always had these really interesting meetings where we've been talking about the exact same end-vision - helping fans get out to more shows and empowering artists - but tackling it from completely different points of view. That inevitably led to a conversation about whether one day we might end up joining forces."

One of the main reasons for the merger, he continues to explain, is that while Songkick primarily operates out of the UK (selling one out of every four London shows), CrowdSurge operates within the U.S. and other parts of the world.

"We faced the question at Songkick of whether we were going to spend the next three years replicating everything CrowdSurge had done, or whether we were going to join forces. It made so much sense to come together," said Hogarth.