The fantastic advantage of Sonos' multi-room speaker systems just got a little more affordable. Earlier, it was announced the company would be launching the brand new "2 Room Starter Set", which will include two Play:1 speakers for a slightly discounted $349. Originally, those two separate speakers would total $399.

Often, users settle with acquiring one speaker system. Which, while still providing good quality, fails to maximize the potential of the Sonos systems. Now, with the more affordable bundle, users can experience different sets of seamlessly integrated audio in multiple rooms.

The bundles are available now at Amazon in both black and white. Whether or not this indicates a future move in packaging Sonos' higher-end speakers (the Play:3 and Play:5) remains to be seen.

The "current champions of modular home wi-fi" recently announced changes in its mobile interface, marking a strong push from the company.