Sony's tumultuous year continues with news of another possible lawsuit.

The suit comes weeks after the company's newest batch of leaks illuminated the record label's impressive stranglehold over Spotify, stemming from the two party's original 2011 contract. One of the many stipulations of the contract, seemingly wildly in favor of Sony, was a portion that stipulated the label have an allotted space for commercial space - given to them at a fraction of what Spotify would charge other parties. Per the paperwork, however, Sony could do with whatever it wanted with said space, including sell it off to other parties for its own profit. The space, originally, was included to help promote Sony's large base of music artists.

19 Recordings, home to former American Idol winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, argues that Sony didn't do everything it could to fight for higher royalty rates (which are notoriously low to begin with) and instead went the aforementioned advertising space as part of the contract. In a notice, 19 Recordings said; "Together, and individually, Sony and the other major record labels therefore have significant power to exert control over Spotify in order to not only dictate how revenue will be paid, but wrongfully and in bad faith divert money from royalties that must be shared to other forms of revenue that they can keep for themselves."

The amended complaint was submitted June 15th with the redacted form reaching The Hollywood Reporter. For more information on the ongoing battle, head to Billboard.