The wait for the vinyl bubble to burst has apparently gone into hibernation. Retailers - chief among them Amazon - saw a hefty positive turnover in the purchase of vinyl players, equipment, and music over the holiday season. The mega online retailer announced that record players were its highest selling music tech over the shopping season. UK retailer HMV also revealed shortly after the new year that its stores had sold one player for every minute during the shopping season, according to The Scotsman. Naturally, tech companies aren't treating the resurgence as a short-term fad and are beginning to capitalize on the movement.

During this week's CES (Consumer Electronics Showcase) in Las Vegas, Sony revealed details of its upcoming premium PS-HX500 vinyl player. Set to debut to consumers this spring, the PS-HX500 boasts a very user-friendly adaptive feature with a built-in A/D converter. This allows users to support digital transfer of files to DSD (direct stream digital - trademarked by Sony) at a rate of 5.6 MHz or to WAV files with the capability to transfer up to 192 KHz/24-bit.

Speaking at the event, Yamato Tanikawa, Director, Home Entertainment & Sound, Sony Electronics, said, "Sony is dedicated to providing audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike with a wide range of hi-res audio solutions that can meet virtually every lifestyle need. Our new PS-HX500 turntable serves as an important bridge that connects the growing number of vinyl record collectors to the convenience and sound quality afforded by hi-res audio."

For more information on the new model head over to the official Sony website and watch of a preview demo from CES 2016 below.