A week after rolling out updates to its iOS service app, SoundCloud has introduced a full-on interface update for its website.

The updates are crafted mostly with the intention of tidying up artist pages, making it easier for listeners to view and select tracks, reposts, and playlists completely separately. Perhaps more importantly, as SoundCloud explains, artists will now have a more cleaned up profile space (seen above). The header image is cleaner and not quite as large as before, taking up most of the space upon initial startup.

"For creators," SoundCloud says, "this means that any of the 175 million monthly SoundCloud listeners can now go straight to the tracks you’ve uploaded. It also means that you can get a great sense of someone’s taste by checking out their Playlists and Reposts."

Updates are now available to "Pro" and "Pro Unlimited" plan users, with updates gradually coming to all users soon. The new announcements come within a wider range of updates for the online streaming service, including the imposed streaming limits.

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