Along with being able to share photos and videos, users can now expand their sharing routine with streaming music with the brand new social media music app SOUNDS. Now Instagram and SnapChat users can share 15-second previews of songs with users effortlessly.

Rather than needing a video to share streaming sounds, SOUNDS goes directly to the file, working with iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify (as of now). The project was founded by a team headed by CEO Rhai Goburdhun, which previously attempted to put together a similar project called Vimies, according to TechCrunch which attempted to key in on market-demo findings that users wanted to share direct music.

Working with the aforementioned platforms on iOS and Android systems, users can send the portion of a song of their choosing and the app will present the other user the album art included. And while it's still a very new project, certain labels like Ed Banger have already jumped on board for promotional opportunities to sell more of its catalog's material.

Check out a preview of SOUNDS below and head to the App Store and Google Play for downloads.