Congrats to LOGO! for 20 years of the finest automation technology. For two decades Siemens' logic module has taken huge steps in development in order for user-friendly small-scale automation tasks, analog value applications and simple control responsibilities.

To celebrate the milestone, two users Thorsten Ketterer, (August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG, Limberg) and Bernd Hollwedel, (Polo Filter-Technik GmbH, Breman) walk through LOGO!'s timetable, covering major milestones and generational transitions that have made LOGO! what it is today.

"This was a big step in development from traditional wired controls to a programmable controller. This provided a high degree of flexibility," Ketterer says of LOGO!'s inception in 1996.

"LOGO! offered huge advantages," Hollwedel added. "Simply by hard-wiring the alarm messages in the electrical enclosure, we were able to pack twice as many functions into a smaller space. All of the reports were displayed as plain text. Thus, operators always immediately knew what was going on."

Through 20 years of revolutionary changes, LOGO! has earned a key competitive advantage in order to become the leading logic module for micro automation. Watch the video below.

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