It's been a hectic few weeks for Spotify.

The streaming music empire, muddled in damning low-pay allegations, surmounting competition from Apple, and the leak of its confounding and aggravating partnership with Sony Music. In a possible attempt to curtail the negative press, the Swedish company has begun rolling out a major slew of announcements in what looks to be a major, innovative re-haul.

In addition to the company's new partnership with Starbucks, which we touched on yesterday, Spotify is preparing to bring users newly sponsored video and podcast content, according to several media outlets (Vice and Nerdist, among others).

Included in the changes, as it was announced by company VP of User Experience Rochelle King, will be playlists tailored to the user's moods and times of day, like during a morning commute or late-afternoon workout.

Perhaps the most exciting addition though is the fitness functionality. Chief product officer Gustav Söderström announced plans to introduce an interface that will allow the app to match the users pace when exercising (specifically running). The app will interact with a mobile user's accelerometer, if it is available on the phone, to create matching music. Söderström notes it'll work in "five seconds." In addition to the aforementioned partnership with Starbucks, Spotify announced they'll be teaming up with Nike+.