No more world music for Starbucks. Well, not unless your barista wants to hear it. Why? Because the coffee giant has teamed up with music streaming service Spotify to bring a unique offering to the table, something that will help at least to individualise the sounds of the homogenous chain.

All 15,000-plus employees of Starbucks across the US will be receiving a subscription to Spotify Premium, meaning that they'll be able to stream their own music choices and playlists as you stand there wondering if there's really any point ordering outside of the basically normal realm of black-coffee-or-cappuccino.

Users of Spotify will be able to stream Starbucks' playlists, which will consist of new music and their "most popular music from the past 20 years" – whether this is consensual and general, or if it's specific and world music-based, is unknown.

Starbucks customers will also have a chance to "influence in-store playlists," as long as they're Spotify Premium members. This will work by collecting stars via the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program.

After rolling this out across the US, Starbucks will implement this partnership in Canada and the UK.

Spotify is also believed to be working on Spotify Now, a service offering video and "contextual playlist creation" (according to The Next Web), similar to their Starbucks partnership.