Not a week after debuting its Musical Map of the World, streaming giant Spotify has introduced yet another feature to its steadily growing platform with Discover Weekly.

Their latest feature enables countless hours of listener data to mould specific two-hour playlists just for the user. The system follows the user's specific listening habits and libraries, constructing new playlists every week for its base of 75 million worldwide users.

Matthew Ogle, co-founder of This Is My Jam, joined Spotify in January, spoke with The Guardian, saying, "We wanted to make something that felt like your best friend making you a mixtape, labelled 'music you should check out', every single week," he says. "Some weeks, your recent listening will nudge it in new directions, and in other weeks, Discover Weekly might be the one doing the nudging."

It's hard not to look at the most recent innovation as an attempt to claw away from what minimal differences Spotify has with its largest global competitors, Apple Music and Pandora. The former offers a very similar feature, entitled "For You", which users immediately interact upon starting Apple Music for the first time.

Spotify promises the new feature will have nothing to do with label promotion, stating that Discovery Weekly will simply be put together by the company's editorial team.