Fun has no limitation. An intuitive mind can term something totally ordinary into something impossibly fun, but a little help on the way is sometimes needed.

That's where Kickstarter-funded project Makey Makey GO comes in. After squashing its initial funding goal of $10,000 USD (now sitting at over $154,000), the project will begin initial delivery this November. What it is, exactly, is somewhat harder to define.

The project calls itself "the World's First Invention Kit that goes with you everywhere," and has seemingly no limitations. The main piece is similar looking to a traditional USB cord with two charge inserts. The alligator clip wiring from the charge, with the port connected to one's computer, can be then connected to any object, turning it into a touch pad. Then, only the limitations of what you can do with it hold you back.

Want to turn bananas into drums? Easy. You can do it with a cup, water, scissors, it doesn't matter. To get a bigger idea of what the piece can do and what comes with a donation, head to the Kickstarter page. Otherwise, watch a TED Talk with one of Makey Makey Go's founders Jay Silver here.