In no particular order:

1. My Phone: Because it's got my notes that's really important to get ideas down. Take photos for references check my emails. Listen to music. I think I should have said call and text first but it's more than just a phone nowadays.

2. My Laptop: It gets me about from meeting to meeting showcasing new ideas. I create some of my designs on there and get new music from the studio. Most of my stuff got wiped out but I managed to back it up so it runs smoothly now.

3. Hard drive: It's very important to back up all my artwork and music on it. Really important to me, trust me! Save your work every 5 minutes.

4. Desktop: It's where I create all my projects and concept artwork, clothing designs and everything else. I get sent instrumentals from different producers so I spend a lot of time on the desktop working and listening to beats. It's my office space.

5. Super Nintendo: I grew up on it, the nostalgia is real. Can't go wrong with Street Fighter 2.

6. iTouch: Just for listening to music on my travel super important while I'm on the plane listening to sounds I want to work on.

7. Headphones: It makes you hear the music in a different way. I like to use them when I'm working and travelling.