Automatisme is always experimenting on how to trick the time space or tempo even when it comes to modulations on any macros or parameters in Ableton Live. Lfos and sequencers are a good addition to generate patterns in modulations with addition to midi clips that are on their side more static.

Tech items that I can't live without for modulations in Ableton Live are the Max For Live plugins into the “API” folder of the “Max for Live Building Tools” pack. I use the lfo named “Max Api Ctrl1LFO” and the modulator sequencer “Max Api CtrlGridSeq” to do modulations using their “Map” function that can map any parameter that you want to modulate in Ableton Live. In my opinion, these plugins have the same features as a Eurorack system but in the digital world. Instead of patching with cables, you are linking plugins with the “Map” function.

The “Max Api Ctrl1LFO” has all the classic features and waveforms of a lfo and can generate very random results too. One interesting thing to do is to play with the “target” knob to map or unmap the modulation target. That way you can have the flexibility of manually tweaking something when the “target” is off and to also let the Max Api Ctrl1LFO do is computer job when the “target” is on. Also, the range of modulation Max Api Ctrl1LFO is really precise because it has a “Min” and a “Max” modulation value in percentage. You can have a lot of fun and generate complex results by tweaking those two values! On its side, the “Max Api CtrlGridSeq” is for modulations like a lfo and has all the same components than the “Max Api Ctrl1LFO” but instead of choosing a waveform type, it has a grid sequencer with a wide range. On 'Bureau 4', every parameter is modulated by this kind of Max For Live plugins. At the same time, they are all modulated by midi clips notes and automations, so every time the track is exported, the software has to calculate the randomness as much as the partition. The result is a stuttered, unstable and floating rhythmic track.

Here are the two official pages where people can download and read about the "Pack": and

Automatisme's latest album, Transit, is out now via Constellation. Check out 'Bureau 4' below.