The Line 6 DL4 delay is one of my favourite pedals. It’s one of the most creative and good sounding delays I’ve ever used because of its tap tempo/reverse and loop features; you can definitely build a whole song there. I’ve recently started using the lo-fi junky compression pedal on my bass, it brings up a really nice round attack that’s perfect for bouncy bass lines. It’s interesting what you can make a pedal do when you don’t use it for its intentions.


I really love my Zoom H6. It’s a battery-powered field recorder/multitrack recorder/interface - a Swiss Army knife of recording. As I have fleeting ideas come to me when noodling or humming, it takes so much less time to plug in any instrument and start recording versus opening up my computer, opening a DAW, arming a track etc. I have it with me for the tour we’re on and we’ve been using it to record jams in the car, record our sets for listening back, record cool foley bits, etc. I like recording in my Reface DX with my Volca Sample on these long car rides!


One piece of music tech that rocked my world is a MIDI sequencer called the Squarp Pyramid. Squarp is an awesome company from Paris making cool/deep stuff for MIDI, modular etc. They sent me a Pyramid because I was writing music for a church pipe organ with a MIDI input (crazy instrument). The Pyramid has 127 tracks, MIDI FX, CV in/out, etc. My solo music is really polyrhythmic and the machine has a lot of crazy microtiming functionality. Plus it kind of acts like a MIDI patchbay for all of my synths so that they’re all super accessible and my studio set up can stay super clean.


Everyone’s giving away my secrets already but I’d love to shout out Make Noise who are a Eurorack modular manufacturer that have created many many inspiring instruments I use for writing and studio work. Another bit of gear I’m really into is the DrumDial Pressure Tuner which is a totally game changing thing for drummers.


I’m in love with the UVI Vintage Vault plug-ins. The producer Billy Pavone introduced me to them a few years ago and I use them on everything.

Barrie's debut album, Happy To Be Here, is out May 3rd via Winspear. Listen to 'Clovers' below.