This piece of equipment has basically been the centerpiece of all my gear for about the last 3 years. Before that, I was using the RC-50, which is essentially the same thing with less features. The fact that it has three different simultaneous loop phases and the machine's functionality makes it a consistent go-to for me.

I use it in my live set as a looper and sampler and I use in in the studio constantly as well. It makes the process of capturing loops or fluffing and layering things so easy and fast. I usually have a mixer signalling into it so I can loop basically anything, and add panning and effects in the moment so it helps me not to second guess myself. It’s been the biggest reason my tracks are generally super dense. If you learn how to use it in your own way, it can bring you endless possibilities.

Drastic Measures is due out on February 22nd and the video for the title-track is out now