When I started working on Soon Enough I found it really hard to figure out where I wanted to go with this album. I knew that I had to find a new recipe. Spending time in L.A. and working on the first sketches with my friend Lionel aka Vinyl Williams helped me get an idea, that I wanted to make this more old school sounding record. On one site, I wanted to be more adventurous with the songwriting on the other side I wanted the album to be as dry sounding as possible while maintaining all these interesting layers and effects. Here are some of the tools I ended up using throughout Soon Enough.


I was always obsessed with the sound of the pedal steel guitar, an instrument usually associated with Country & Western but it can add a beautiful s to a song. Unfortunately, I don't have a pedal steel guitar but the B-Bender helps to get my Telecaster a bit closer to that sound. You can hear me play the B-Bender on 'Soon Enough', 'Canyon' or 'Portals'.


Varispeed is neither a tool nor an instrument, but a technique I used all over the album to make single elements sound otherworldly and more interesting without adding Reverb or Delay. As always the Beatles were one of the firsts to employ this technique. It's very simple. You record something on your tape machine, then change the speed and record something else on the next track. Rewind and set the speed back to normal and you're done. Most of the time it sounds really cool.

Soundtoys Tremolator

After filling up my tape machine (there are only 8 tracks) I usually record the tracks to my computer so I can add more elements or start mixing. One audio plugin and effect I use all the time is the Soundtoys Tremolator. As the name says It's a tremolo that can do a lot more. I use it very subtlely on almost all of my instruments and it adds this nice layer of movement and a soft stereo spread.

Moog Mother 32

Initially, I didn't want to use any synths on Soon Enough, because my first album Concrete Vision was packed with synthy sounds. So all the main key sounds were recorded with Piano, Clavinet or Organs. But I guess I had to add synth at some point. The Moog Mother 32 is a gateway drug into modulars, but you can also just play it by itself. I used it for these soft sounding lead sounds on 'As Long As' and 'Vitamin'. But it can also do all these little abstract sounds you hear all over the album.

Tempo Changes

This one is not even a technique, but the idea that a song does not need to have a steady tempo helped me to try out some new stuff. Next to melody, chords, and dynamics, changing the tempo now and then is another way that helped me to be more expressive with my songwriting. Especially nowadays when most of the music is designed on a grid this idea felt fresh to me.

Still Parade's second album Soon Enough is out on November 9th via Feel Flows. Listen to 'As Long As' below.