There are a few pieces of my set up that I would deem as crucial to the "JOYFULTALK" palette.

BIBELOT box detail

My drum sounds are pretty funny. I have modified a bunch of Eric Archer-designed Andromeda Space Rockers and built them into a Eurorack module that can be triggered with gates and light. I also have modified a Yamaha mr10 to accept gates for every voice. These are pretty trashy sounding but they bang pretty hard (in a weird way).

Projector Close.00_27_17_09.Still001
Projector Far.00_12_43_12.Still001

Another piece that has become pretty important is the Cobra. The Cobra is our hobo lighting rig. It is a modified overhead projector that has both MIDI-to-DMX and MIDI-to-motors playability. Honestly though, anything is possible and exciting when it comes to sound pong ball, a blade of grass, and a rubber hamburger... lets jam!

JOYFULTALK's latest album, Plurality Trip, is out now via Constellation Records.