Minirig is a Bristol-based company that have somehow managed to pack a gigantic sound into a very small package (or three packages, for the sake of this review).

The company have two products on offer: a Bluetooth speaker, and a subwoofer. They also offer up certain packages in order to save you money. The package we were sent to test out was the 2.1 Black setup, which includes 2 Bluetooth Minirigs and 1 Minirig Subwoofer. It costs £369.99 (at time of publication).

Now, I know what you're thinking, and yes, we reached peak portable speaker territory a long time ago - but there's a few reasons why we believe it's worth the price tag:

Firstly, the sound. Holy hell. I'm still in absolute awe over how loud this thing goes, and just how much clarity you get with it. I've played a variety of sounds through it, and at obscene levels, yet it refuses to show any signs of weakness. Well, as a standalone speaker the Minirig could do with a bit more bass (it's there, but no quite enough for me) - but that's where the subwoofer comes into play. If you grab a splitter and jump into the Android App (iOs is coming soon, apparently), you can pair two Minirigs together for stereo sound too (it's a glorious thing).

Secondly, they offer up to 50 hours of playback off a single charge - which means even if you were being super cynical and knocked that back by 50%, you're still looking at a number way larger than most of its competitors. This might just be the ultimate festival speaker.

Lastly, the fact that you don't need to necessarily jump in the deep end with the full package makes it less daunting. Sure, spending £130 on a tiny speaker from a relatively small company is still a scary prospect, but we can guarantee that you'll be pining to complete the set in no time.

Throw in a no-thrills approach to design and functionality (which gets two thumbs up from us), and you've got yourself this week's 'Gadget of the Week'.