Standing desks vary in price; some come in at a ridiculous £1000 whilst others are on the cheaper end of the spectrum yet still offer the opportunity to convert your desk to a standing one. The Cooper by Fully offers top-end functionality for a quarter of the cost whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing.

We are a civilisation of leaners; we lean forward to use our phone, we lean forward to use our laptops, and we lean forward when squished into the tube. All the time, we’re unaware of the damage we are doing to our posture until it is too late. Lower back pain affects 1 in 10 people in the United Kingdom and is the leading cause of disability in the country yet it’s not treated properly by the majority of sufferers. Instead, sufferers tend to take paracetamol and anti-inflammatories rather than speaking out and changing routine. I suffer from back pain due to poor posture when working so having the opportunity to change that with the Cooper desk instantly peaked my curiosity.

The average office worker spends 40 hours a week at their workstation; a freelancer like myself spends a varied amount of time but over the past few weeks, I’ve clocked up 55 hour weeks sat at a desk that does not work for my taller frame.

The Product

Fully have a mantra that they live by and it’s one they decided on after searching the Internet for the perfect desk converter. "If you can’t find it, design it," goes the saying and with that one-liner in mind, Fully created the Cooper, a standing desk converter that does not shirk when it comes to design and functionality. Built out of bamboo (keeps it light, around 43.5lbs), the construction of the product is both durable and designer-friendly so don’t fret, it will fit in with the rest of furniture in your open-plan office or home mind palace. It’s also not a situation of style over substance as Fully have managed to create an adjustment system that’s comparable in ease to the programmable interface on their Jarvis range.

There’s no heavy lifting required to move the desk from seated to standing with the built-in hydraulic system doing most of the hard work for you. The process can take a while to fine tune as the tension system is dependent on the weight placed on the desk otherwise you will find yourself trying to push down a desk that has no weight on it. That statement brings me nicely to talking about the setup process.


Setup is simple enough; you put the extender on your desk (make sure it is clean first) and voila, you are ready to rise it for the first time using the release lever on the right-hand side of the desk. The desk glides into gear as it slowly rises to its highest position of 22” before it hands over the setup back to you however in the instructions, it’s not set out that you need to add your tech back onto the desk for it to go back down. When you add your monitor, laptop, notepads back to the desk, that’s when it’s time to start calibrating the gas strut. It’s a simple case of turning one way if your desk setup weighs more than 15lbs and the other if it weighs less. It’s an incredibly neat system and when calibrated correctly, it means lowering and raising the desk can be done with one hand. The movement is so smooth you actually get small thrill from utilising it.

The Instant Health Benefits

16 hours. That’s all it took to feel the benefits of not sitting at a desk constantly and adapting my working posture to one that isn’t inspired by early man. Even when sat, the Cooper desk makes sure your screen is perpendicular to your eye-line so reduces the amount of neck movement. It’s a small change to your every day that can make a long-term difference to your lifestyle especially if you are working all day (Note: I’ll be updating this piece with photos regarding my posture as I use the desk over the next few weeks).

The Fully desk retails for $290 and although that may sound steep, it’s the best value standing desk on the market if you’ve already got a desk and want to adapt it. It’s easy to setup and will work on your current desk (if you’ve got the space) plus, it will be an investment for your health in the long run.