With the Holidays in full swing, it's time to get an idea of what headphones offer the best bang for your hard-earned buck. So here's our list of the 5 Best Headphones Under $100.

Grado SR80e - $99

An open-back model that leaks a little noise but gives you a more realistic sound, this handmade headphone hails from Brooklyn, and really shines when paired with Jazz and Classical music. It's on-the-ear design and lack of isolation may be a deal breaker for some, but if you've ever heard of Grado headphones, you know this one is worthy of your consideration.

AKG K240 - $69

The cheapest model on our list, the AKG K240 is a studio staple, offering amazing clarity and audiophile-level fidelity thanks to a semi-open design. Long-regarded as the epitome of clean sound, AKG has been selling this headphone for over 30 years.

Audio Technica M40x - $99

The smaller, less-bassy, and less-expensive cousin to the ever-popular M50x, the Audio Technica M40x marries clean sound and a closed back design for excellent performance and great isolation. Featuring a removable cable, this headphone is the perfect option for someone who needs a durable solution to their audio needs.

Sennheiser HD280 Pro - $99

Made almost entirely of plastic and boasting a relatively high impedance, this lightweight headphone benefits from an amplifier, but still sounds decent when plugged into your smartphone. The tight headband and the pleather earpads offer some of the best isolation we've ever seen, but may be a bit uncomfortable for those with sensitive ears.

Koss PRO4AA- $99

Built like a tank, this Koss headphone is a re-design of a model popular in the 1970s. It's heavy, it benefits from an amplifier, and it can take a beating. The sound is refreshingly clean, with ear-opening accuracy we usually don't find on headphones this cheap. Besides the weight, it may require an amplifier to reach a decent volume, but for this sound at this price, we'll take it.

Carroll writes for Audio46.com. He ís a huge fan of Grado, Audio-Technica and other audiophile brands. When he isn't writing about headphones, he likes to listen to bluegrass covers of rock songs and roll on the floor with dogs. Shameless Plug: When you pick these up from Audio46.com you'll get a free Bluetooth speaker with your order, which is just as awesome as these headphones.