Gone are the days where it would be accurate to say that online gaming is an isolating activity that promotes social seclusion. While there may have been some truth to this in the 90s - that is hardly the case today. These days the culture of online gaming is becoming increasingly interactive now that we have the technology to support it. Gamers really enjoy this aspect of the subculture as it allows you to meet likeminded people and exchange gaming tips and tricks.

Online casinos have become very interactive in a number of ways. Some games now have live chat options where you can communicate with other players in the game. Of course this is only relevant to the type of games where there will be other real people playing. For instance, live chat functions are very popular with online bingo games. In addition, the platform that offers you your online casino games can now interact with you as the online casino's client. A good example of this is the Royal Vegas online casino, which has the ability to communicate new and exciting information through various media. With a blog, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, they can now be more in touch with the players who are able to interact, and provide feedback about the services they enjoy.

Another way in which the online gaming culture is becoming more and more interactive is seen in the popularity of game based blogs, and forums in which players can communicate and engage in conversation and discussions about their favorite games. The online forums can create a feeling of belonging in the community and can help players share tips, tricks and strategies for various games.

And then there are games in which you work closely with other players on the same team, with a common goal. In a game like World of Warcraft (WoW), you have the opportunity to join a guild where you can connect with other players and work together. This is characteristic of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing games (MMORPG). Finding a guild that you like is almost like finding your group of friends at High School. Only here, you will be looking for other players who have the same goals and playing style as you do. People often describe the relationship between themselves and their fellow guild members as extremely close and bonded. Not only do they have your back in the game, and can help you craft items, but they are there if you need to have a chat. And they are people with whom you can share the frustration of losing, or the joys of winning.

From all these varied means of increasing the interactivity of online gaming, we can see that the online gaming culture has really taken off and allows people to connect on the basis of their shared interests. The increased interactivity has also added a new and exciting dimension to the gaming experience, and is only enhancing players' enjoyment.