Few of the rapid and amicable advances in the camera industry match the initial mystique of the instant Polaroid. The quick satisfaction and ability to hold your own photos in your hand made for one of the more beloved creations of the 20th century, but with the progress of digital imaging, the instant print part of the equation seemed be nothing more than rifled nostalgia.

New York manufacturing company Lomography appears to have bridged that gap with the unique new Lomo'Instant Automat Camera, which has nearly quadrupled its initial funding stage on Kickstarter.

"The Lomo’Instant Automat is unlike any other instant camera out there," the company writes. "Fully automatic, jam-packed with more creative features than ever before, and super straightforward to use, it’s the ultimate instant camera for beginners and experts alike. We’ve taken care of the technical side of things so that you can seize life instantly from dusk 'til dawn."

The camera, available in several unique shades, automatically adjusts shutter speed, aperture, and lighting to perfectly illuminate the shots taken for you with a remarkably easy set-up. As the company notes: "Don't think, just shoot: live fearlessly in the now, be your own inspiration, and create your own universe."

The camera has a built in 35mm lens cap and a remote control perfect for choreographed images. The overall exposure area comes out to 62mm x 46mm on Fujifilm Instax Mini, with a filtered thread diameter of 43mm. Final processing and beginning of shipment of the camera is set to start in December of this year. However, if the Kickstarter surprasses $500,000 in funding Lomography will add a Lomography Splitzer for your multiple exposure experiments. Then, if it passes $750,000 the company will introduce a brand new camera strap as well.

For more information, head to the company's Kickstarter campaign page.