Amateur filmmakers with an iPhone 6 will have an easier opportunity to turn their hobby into something more professional.

Thanks to a very unique Kickstarter campaign (which just passed its $75,000 USD goal), users will be able to attach the Lumenati Cinematic Smartcase (CS1) to the iPhone 6 and convert film footage to Super 8 quality. The project, after the initial rollout, will soon be available for the iPhone 6s coming in October.

"The Lumenati CS1 combines the technological features of a digital device (film-free shooting, instant sharing and an editing app) with the cool design, ergonomic ease and natural narrative that the lo-fi classic camera is known for," according to the project's Kickstarter campaign.

"The lightweight, portable unit allows anyone to frame and film a steady, stable shot with the pull of an intuitive trigger. A cold shoe allows filmmakers to attach lights, microphones and extra handles for sport shooting. The real-time viewfinder allows WYSIWYG capabilities even in bright light, a feature that is elusive to modern mobile devices. Lenses can be swapped to shoot in wide angle, fisheye and telephoto."

Head to the Kickstarter page to view specific details on pledge packages plus real high-quality footage taken by the device. Initial deals for just $150 that included the device are now out of stock, but those who pledge "$199 more more" can still receive packages currently valued at roughly $249.