Playing poker online is not only a fun hobby, but it can be a lucrative one too! When playing poker at an online casino like the Vegas Palms Canadian online casino, you do need to make sure that you have a good mouse, especially if you are playing for many hours at a time. Whether you are playing on a PC or a laptop, you should make sure that your hands are protected against a repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel as much as possible by ensuring that you have a high quality, and well-designed mouse for you to use. So here are our pick of the top three gaming mouses for online poker players.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

This little mouse is just too wonderful for words. Logitech's products are usually of a very high quality and standard, and this mouse does not deviate from that pattern. I would highly recommend it to all the TableNinja users out there, as this mouse allows you to check, fold, bet, and raise with only pressing the mouse once. Another function of this mouse that users are a fan of, are its "G" buttons (there are 13 of them, too!) which you can program to do complete macros with only one click.

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX

We have another mention from Logitech. But this mouse is actually even more popular than the previously mentioned model. First and foremost, this mouse is incredibly comfortable. It has a great fit and feels super luxurious. This mouse comes with a USB charger too, which is another convenient feature. It is also extremely versatile. I have used some mouses that may feel comfortable, but do not work on all surfaces. But this mouse will move seamlessly on wood, metal or glass countertops. It is very impressive. The Performance Mouse MX boasts a mouse wheel with a ball bearing, as well as a locking feature for the mouse wheel to ensure precision and accuracy. It also has a super speedy DPI decelerator or accelerator. All of these features, paired with its comfort make it a top favorite for online poker players all over the world.

Razer Mamba

Well, first things first: This is quite a pricy mouse. But you do get what you pay for. And at $130, you are getting your money's worth. This wireless mouse that comes with a USB cable is phenomenal. Razer is known for making amazing (and expensive!) gaming accessories. If you do not already own a Razer product of some kind, I am sure you wish you did. The accuracy and precision on this mouse is second to none, and really makes for a good playing experience. The mouse pointer speed is customizable through the DPI, which is a must these days. Precision is so important when playing poker online; a single mistake when clicking could cost you a lot of money! It only has seven programmable buttons though, which is a fewer than other mouses on the market. But then again, it depends on how many betting amounts and other commands you want to have programmed.