It is amazing what our phones can do. They are mini-computers that help us know where to go, what to do, when to do it and more. They are personal organisers, alarm clocks, social media spaces and even things can facilitate relationships. One of the things I have always found so amazing about mobile phones is the ability to play games on the go. I have a little arcade in my pocket that can keep me entertained wherever I go. It is amazing for commutes, long car rides and on plane journeys.

There are loads of games I love to play but one that I always come back to is blackjack. There are so many wonderful apps and platforms to play blackjack on the go and have a casino in your pocket that goes anywhere you do. Make sure to explore this list of places to play mobile blackjack as it is so easy to spend hours trying to find a place to play the game. You can spend hours installing and uninstalling apps and creating accounts for platforms that end up being terrible. When you have managed to find a place to play you will need a strategy, a way of playing and an idea of how you are going to beat the house and succeed in your own little mini casino.

Blackjack can often seem like a game of chance but it is absolutely not. When you hear from players who have won huge sums of money they never talk about luck, rather they knew how and when to play certain hands and what to do in tight spots. It is all about logging onto your phone sure of how you are going to play, what strategy you are going to take and how you are going to deal with adversity and a downturn in form. So here are three tips on how to be a better player. They are not exhaustive tips as there are lots of ways to be a top blackjack player. However, hopefully these tips will put you on the right track and help you do better next time you log on and play.

Make sure to split 8’s and aces:

Whether to split or not when you are dealt two of the same cards is one of the toughest decisions to make in blackjack. It seems like a no-brainer to do so but in many cases, it can actually be a poor choice. This is particularly the case when you get two tens or two picture cards which seem like they would be a great split but rarely reward you with anything other than a worse hand than had you stuck. The real value in the market is in splitting when you have an eight or an ace, the chance of getting a better hand is miles better when you split these two as you should end up with something higher than the sixteen you would get with two eights or the two you have when you have the aces. This is a simple but useful rule of thumb.

Do not buy insurance

Whether or not to buy insurance is a real debate within the blackjack community with some feeling it is essential and others rejecting it as a waste of time and resources for players. Luckily, statistics can help us to uncover whether it is a good bet or not and it seems like it a very poor investment. Insurance allows you, in essence, to bet on the dealer and so if he beats you when he has an ace you will at least get something back. However, only 30% of the time does the dealer having an ace convert into something unbeatable making it much more likely than not that you are throwing away a good chance at winning and some chips for an insurance payout that isn’t worth the hassle.


This is such simple advice but it is also very important. Be sure to take the time advantage that being on a mobile phone gives you, don’t rush or panic and make poor decisions. Use the time available to you to weigh up your options and consider your odds rather than taking the plunge and betting on a bad hand because you weren’t concentrating. Playing mobile blackjack should be fun and if you rush it, it absolutely is not.