Online casino games are getting more and more popular. They are becoming something which are real part of popular culture and day to day life. It is all the more impressive considering the fact that, when they first came to market, they were really quite awful. The cars were always fuzzy, the play was always slow, the menus made no sense and the difficulty levels would fluctuate between too hard and too easy, with a range of similarly poor and unimaginative games.

However, as we here at The 405 have pointed out before, there are lots of great new pieces of technology that have made playing online casino games much better than they once were, and arguably better than we ever imagined. This is new to be celebrated, especially owing to the fact that there are so many great bonuses and offers at website like the-casino, which give you the chance to earn more when you play. If the technology was still bad, these offers would be wasted, but since online casinos are so great, we can take advantage of all the offers that have come with them.

One of the best and most important steps forward in online casino technology, is the fact that they can now be played as apps on your phone. You can carry Las Vegas round in your pocket, it is utterly astounding. Online casino apps, can basically, be run on any phone - another reason they are so great. However not all phone were created equal and some run the games better than others, here are three of the best of them.

Razor Phone

A phone that was built for gaming, the Razor phone has everything you could ever need to play online casino games, and other games as well, at full tilt and with one of the best quality phone screens you can have. It is famed for its superb front speakers, its 120HZ screen and its processor that is tweaked to play games in the best way possible. You won’t have to worry about lag or connection problems when you are in a tense game of blackjack.

Samsung Note S8

Simply one of the most beautiful phones out there, the Note S8 was a follow up to the Note S7, which was more known for its battery problems than anything else. It is really a lovely machine with a long and easy to use screen, a stylus for easier selection of what you want and a great battery. If you want long sessions of playing online roulette, then this phone is perfect.

iPhone X

Apple have had some notable issues recently, however the iPhone X is simply stunning and using an iOS device, opens you up to iOS only online mobile phone casinos. It is a phone with a big and bright screen that just works and that is why it is loved. There is no need to fiddle with settings, no need to download a launcher, no need to learn what rooting is, you simply turn it on and go. If you want simplivity in your online casino games, it is ideal.