If you are considering purchasing a controller or you have recently added a DJ controller to your equipment you will be biting at the bit to get started. Before you go rushing in check out this list of controllers tips and put them into practice to get off to a great start.

Why Use DJ Controllers?

First off, is a controller the right solution for you? There are many advantages of DJ controllers including:

*They are a cost-effective solution
*The DJ controller is all-in-one requiring the minimum set-up
*There are numerous high-end and low-end choices on the market with something suitable for everyone
*Equipment is portable
*Standalone DJ controllers mean you don’t even have to rely on a computer

What to Look for in a DJ Controller for Beginners

Controllers are being offered for competitive pricing with even those aimed at beginners being packed full of features. So what should you look for in a controller? The essentials are a built-in sound card (otherwise you will have the additional outlay for buying one), pads, headphone control, and FX controls, any feature after these will be an added bonus. Additional features might include advanced looping, slicing, and cues, full EQ; filter knobs that are dedicated and professional software. Thankfully there are many choices in all price ranges out there.

Start Off Slowly

Just as when learning anything new it is essential to start off slowly instead of barging in thinking you know everything. The controller will have its limits and it is a piece of complex technology. Begin by learning all you can about the controller and reading the manual it came with. Even if the controller is basic it still needs to be set up correctly. Failure to do so can leave you frustrated with your new toy.

The same applies for performing your first DJ set using your controller. Just because you read the manual it does not make you a superstar DJ. Keep your set simple.

Update the Drivers, Software, and Firmware Before Anything Else

When you purchase a DJ Controller it will come with a CD for setting it up. The CD will install drivers and firmware but this is often out of date. The first step before doing anything else is to check for updated firmware and drivers by way of the website of the manufacturer of your new controller. More than likely there will be updates available, all of which help to keep things running like clockwork and ensure you get the most out of your system.

Laptop Optimization

Unless you have purchased a DJ Controller that comes with a built-in display you will be relying on a laptop to work alongside the controller, acting as the display. The last thing you want is for the laptop to run slow and ruin your set. With this in mind, you should optimize your laptop before using it as part of your routine; better yet get a laptop that you only use for your music. To keep the laptop in prime working order make sure there is plenty of hard drive space left and close off all programs that are not needed. Also turn off such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, plug the laptop in, (do not run it on battery), finally ensure you have turned off notifications along with your screensaver. The last thing you want is notifications popping up to block your view or the screensaver coming on.