It feels like there's a new "life-changing" gadget released every week. So much so it's hard to figure out which ones you should give your attention to.

But I always find myself asking, am I really going to use this? For example, what is the point in having a life-sized dancing robot? Do I really need a portable kebab rotisserie grill in my own home? Well, maybe I do, but I don't think my waistline will thank me for it.

To help you in the eternal quest for the best tech, we've hunted down the coolest products which you will definitely want in your life in 2015. From helping you get organised, to creating lasting memories, or just making life a little bit easier, these forward-thinking tech products combine elegant design and high-functionality with a sense of fun.

Polaroid Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera A Polaroid camera in 2015, I hear you cry? Yep, they're back! After disappearing into the abyss following the digital camera revolution in the late 90s/early 00's, the iconic camera makers are back making digital cameras with instant printing functionality. With both front and rear cameras, you can upload your selfies to Instagram via the camera's Wi-Fi and print off a couple of snaps for your mates.

Apple Watch After all the hype and waiting the Apple Watch has finally arrived. Lightweight, with a sleek design, it's essentially a mini-iPhone on your wrist. You can check your emails and message on the go without reaching out your phone and you're unlikely to ever miss an important call now you can see it appear on your wrist. With an ever-growing number of useful apps, we are only just beginning to see the myriad of possibilities for this game-changing technology - a point well illustrated in Chrono24's article about its place as a disruptive piece of tech.

iKettle All the best technology is about embracing your laziness. I can't think of a better example of this than the iKettle, the world's first Wi-Fi kettle. Can't be bothered to wait for the kettle to boil in the morning? Well now you can turn it on from the comfort of your bed via an app on your smart phone. It will even ask you if you'd like a cup of tea in the morning and give you a nudge when it's ready. And if you're really lazy, it will keep it warm for half an hour whilst you snooze. Mornings just got that little bit easier.

Scribble Writing Alarm Clock You've settled down in bed, just about to fall asleep, and then you realise you've forgotten it's your mate's birthday. Yep, we've all been there. Well now there's a new tool to help solve problems like these. The super-stylish Scribble Writing Alarm Clock comes with a screen that lets you jot down your 'to-do list' which shows up in a cool blue hue to remind you the next day. It even has a birthday reminder function in case you need an extra bit of help. Your friends will appreciate the extra effort, I'm sure.

Camera Drones - DJI's Inspire 1 Fancy yourself as a bit of a film-maker? Well it's time to get serious. Camera drones can get you incredible ariel shots but the DJI Inspire 1 takes it much further. Strong carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, transforming the way you shoot, giving you a full, unrestricted 360 view of the world below. Everything you need is included in one simple, ready-to-fly system, putting you in the sky within minutes. You're not Spielberg yet but you're one step closer with this camera!