Wireless headphones aren't entirely new. There's a myriad of designs, from headsets with standing receivers to more commonly known sets like the Powerbeats2 Wireless by Beats. However, until now, there haven't been many advances made in the earbud department.

Enter Truu, crafted in part with the help of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. This minimalist new design allows users to easily charge their sweat-proof earbuds, which feature foam tips specifically crafted by Comply. The process is simple, according to the company's recent Kickstarter campaign. Users simply need to place the buds separately on the included charge port and just sit back.

The Balanced Armature speaker operates within a frequency of 18-22 000 Hz. Wireless charging allows for five straight hours of listening time in stereo (15 hours in mono) and charging takes a just over an hour to complete. The included Bluetooth 4.1 capability makes it compatible with any and all Bluetooth devices within a range of 12 meters. As well, there's also an included microphone to assist with phone calls.

Head over to the aforementioned Kickstarter campaign to read up on the production and pledge your donations. The team has well-surpassed its initial goal with all Early-Bird bids maxed out for now. Delivery of the product is expected in October.