One of the singular caveats of Twitter for anyone even slightly familiar with the platform is the inability to collectively construct a large story - i.e., something that goes beyond the conventional 140 character limit. Of course, users can string consecutive tweets relating to the over-arching story or point, but the process is choppy and lacks proper unity. Previously, Twitter attempted to bridge that long-story gap with the new feature Moments, which allows users to put those singular stories together like a digital diary. Now, Twitter plans to expand the service beyond a select few.

The Moments feature was curated specifically by Twitter itself, open to only a select group of publishers. But with plans of a broadening base, Moments will now be accessible for some of Twitter's more well-known celebrities and potential branding opportunities. If successful, Moments will be available to the general public within a matter of months.

Check out a previous example of Moments, which featured a day in the life of Allure Editor In Chief Michelle Lee. In it, the tweets read off as they would normally, but operate outside of a person's feed, giving singular focus to the story itself with all the features Twitter already offers.

Follow @TwitterMoments to see more moments features and stay tuned for a proper public release date.