"The NFL was just the start" shouted Twitter yesterday as its highly anticipated live sports functionality kicked into gear with coverage of the Federer match at Wimbledon.

The Wimbledon coverage comprises of rolling footage from ESPN, which is being hosted on a dedicated 'live' page on Twitter, alongside a real-time tweet feed - linking the footage to the social media buzz around it. When we watched the stream, the coverage had a few teething problems but all in all, it held up well.

The beta test, as you may call it, comes a few months after the social network stumped up $10m for the rights to stream NFL's Thursday night football games. The coverage will kick off later this year, and reports have suggested that considerable interest from advertisers surrounding the American football games has been so high that Twitter is poised to announce deals to stream more live events. The Olympics may already have their broadcast rights distributed globally but you can't put it past advertisers, and corrupt sports committees, thinking "should we target the millennials on their technology things that they spend their life on instead of the BEEB?".

I for one am finally looking forward to the ability to watch sport live and tweet, all in the same place.