This technological age we are living in, one where we can almost upload our consciousnesses to the cloud makes us feel, at times, we are only a couple of steps away from being cyborgs but until we are fully integrated with technology then we have to make do with all the new releases, and there have been many. With elite brand showing off their new products at the CES electronics convention in Las Vegas there was no shortage of new products that we could put in our houses or on our bodies – and all at various prices.

Lenovo launched its smart clock with Google assistant, and although we are not strangers to interactive screens in the home the great thing about this new device is its simplicity. t will not stream your favourite TV shows, nor will it start a video conference call, but it does tell the time, charges your phone, and wakes you up with clock face that slowly gets brighter before the alarm goes, and because it is connected to Google Assistant it can be instructed to do other things too.

Perhaps one of the most practical things that have come out this year is the Mophie Juice Pack Access. This portable charging case for Apple iPhones does not use or even cover up the lightning port which means that you can charge your phone whilst using your wired headphones. This handy device gets its power from any Qi wireless charging pad or you can use its cable and gives you up to 31 hours of battery life. This sleek design is also strong enough to protect the device too.

New technology, in fact, new anything always provokes a lot of interest and as the majority of us now use our smartphones to access our entertainment than any new games or slots sites that are new also receive a great deal of traffic, and understandably so as playing games on a smartphone is as good as, if not better than waiting to get home to enjoy a few of your favourites.

None of the slots games or any games for that matter would have even been dreamt of a few years ago but as technology advanced so did the quality of the games and today we only expect the very best, the best graphics, the best audio and video, and the best gameplay.

From the kitchen to the bedroom technology has found its space and of course, it goes way beyond the confines of four wall – the future is exciting!