Years after beginning to successfully channel careers and dance crazes, the Twitter-owned video sharing app Vine have begun unveiling brand new features specifically targeted towards music.

According to The FADER, the two large features currently being rolled out are "Snap To Beat" and "Featured Tracks." The latter is self-explanatory, created by the Vine editorial team. Basically, it's Vine making it even easier for its user base to catch crazes like 'the Shmoney Dance' by an even easier measure.

The former, "Snap To Beat," helps Vine-users create perfected music loops (as per the sample provided). The Vine team explained the feature to The FADER in a press release, stating, "Once you’ve chosen a song by tapping the music note from the Details screen, Snap to Beat identifies how much of the song to use to make a seamless loop and then trims your video to fit that clip."

"Snap To Beat" also makes importing music and sound effects easier for users, allowing them to edit selections separately from the produced Vines. The first available updates should be available now.