Wouldn't discovering new music in the over-saturated depths of the internet be way better if you had real people who really got you curating your new music playlist? That's essentially what's going on with BeatSense, a "real-time playlist collaboration product" focused on finding music easily, freely and legally.

BeatSense - which was put together by Shlomi Sasson and Oren Yakobi - has only been live for a few months and is already essentially a crowd-generated content base. "BeatSense provides great value, also for the sole user," Oren says. "As a sole listener, all you have to do is join a BeatRoom, lay back, and let BeatSense do the music chores for you. It uses no magical algorithms (well, maybe a bit of that), but the crowd wisdom to play the optimal music for you."

Find more information on BeatSense here.