Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather has crafted one of the year's surprisingly most inventive promotional campaigns with Pizza Hut's "Blockbuster Box." The promotion, running in Hong Kong, allows customers to simply turn their Pizza Hut box into a small film projector, only requiring their mobile phones and a QR code reader for a movie download.

It works in a cinch for customers who may or may not have a Blu-Ray or high definition television, which is to say not many. But you can't fault Pizza Hut for trying something, other than trying to make better pizza. Because, come on, lets be real - you bought Pizza Hut, you asked for this.

Customers simply remove the included lens with the specific pizza box (comes in four different designs), place it into the section hole on the side, scan the QR code for a free movie (again, one of four different choices), place the mobile phone in the box, and play on a wall or projection screen. This of course means, however, that you must place your mobile in a now used pizza box and deal with the audio only coming out of the phone. Still, a unique promotion if there ever was one.

Watch the film below for a hands-on look at the process.