If you like talking to yourself out loud then the Amazon Echo is a perfect fit for your spinster lifestyle, especially now that the device will respond to your calls for musical solace. The effort involved getting Nina Simone to play from your Spotify account has just decreased.

Before Thursday, whenever you asked the Echo to play music, it would automatically stream from Amazon Prime Music. That is no longer the case as you can change the default music service to that of Spotify, or Pandora or back to the default music service of Amazon Prime Music. That's if you use Amazon Prime Music (which we haven't yet; hey Amazon, send us something).

The timing of the move is somewhat curious, given reports last month that claimed Amazon is preparing to launch a better, more advanced version of the service to take on Apple Music and of course, the market leader Spotify.

The Amazon Echo is available now and its intention is to free you from the shackles of having to always go to a computer or phone to complete a task.