"The best beats always come to me whilst riding the London Overground between Dalston Junction and Shoreditch High Street" - Superstar DJ Adam Libonatti-Roche on his life before buying the pocket synthesizer by Zont Sound

That above quote comes from a future interview with me, probably in 2020 where I talk about my career before becoming a professional DJ. It's a massively impossible life goal but if David Guetta made millions of pushing a button, then so can I; in this instance, it will be several buttons.

Zont Sound want to make a pocket synthesizer that is not only beautiful in design but intuitive as well; intuitive within this modern age of connectivity. This means being able to connect with every social media platform that's still standing whilst also accounting for the more intermediate user; yes, there will be swappable sound engines.

When can you get one of these pocket synths? Not soon as pre orders are not open yet whilst Zont have released a statement stating 'late 2017'. It's probably a safe bet to guarantee that the device will need to be backed on Kickstarter so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to news about the device.