The Specifics

Who: Pure.

The product: Evoke C-F6 .

What comes in the packaging: Evoke C-F6, power supply, quick start guide, and remote control.

What are they selling us: "This stunning stereo system lets you discover a whole world of internet, DAB/DAB+ and FM radio stations, stream music from your mobile and enjoy your Spotify playlists in a convenient all-in-one design with room-filling sound, clear colour display and a beautiful wood style finish."

Things We Liked

Ok, so the summary above the photo is a bit unfair. The Evoke C-F6 is more than just a CD player - it features Bluetooth, Internet Radio, a DAB, DAB+ & FM Radio, plus Spotify Connect - yet it feels weird and sort of nice that it does play CDs, mainly because it doesn't feel like an afterthought. We've all seen those budget turntables featuring enough bells and whistles to take away from the fact that you've just spent £30 to get a £5 experience, all while playing £20 records - they're never worth it. However, with the Evoke C-F6 the CD player is just as integral to the design and functionality as the more forward-thinking Spotify Connect - something that speaks to me as a 33-year-old dweeb with enough CD cases to build a comfortable fort.

But maybe I'm the only one? Physical sales still dominate downloads, something a Forbes article recently discussed:

"People have been saying for a long time that the physical album is done, but the category is responsible for more money coming into the music industry than both digital groupings combined. All forms of physical purchases added up to $1.5 billion in the U.S. last year. CD sales experienced a big hit, losing 10 million sales from the year prior, though at 87.6 million copies moved, they still performed better than their digital counterparts."

87.6 million CDs were sold last year, and that's just in the States. Clearly people are still buying CDs, even if the traditional places that sell them have started to vanish. But look, you came here to find out if the Evoke C-F6 is worth spending £349.99 on, so let's take a look at the pros - which there are two:

1. The Sound: If you make something that's supposed to play music, you need to make it sound great. And oh boy does this sound great. The bass and mids sound warm, yet the highs cut through beautifully. Given its size, you've also got something that can be played really loud (really, really loud) without any distortion. Perfect for parties.

2. The Build: The wood finish is a really nice touch, and makes the Evoke C-F6 feel like a product that you'd feel proud to display, rather than something you'd want hidden (which isn't possible given its size... see below for more).

The fact that the Evoke C-F6 covers most bases when it comes to playback makes this an all-around superstar.

Things We Didn't Like

It's big. There's no getting around that. If you're stuck for space, the Evoke C-F6 is gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Well, unless you're in need of a coffee table too? Joke, joke, joke. Outside of that, the only thing that feels out of place is the remote control, which lacks the quality of its parent.

Is It Worth The Money?

When you've got the likes of Apple ditching CD drives entirely, it's likely that we'll see fewer companies paying attention to the format, at least until the inevitable nostalgia-fest happens in 20-30 years like we're currently experiencing with vinyl. So for those of you with huge CD collections, the Evoke C-F6 would be a good purchase. It's also got its head firmly in the future too, which is a smart move. At £349.99, it's not cheap but it's such a well-crafted product that the price tag feels justified. However, if you're a streaming-only kind of person, then there are much better options (the PLAY:3 by Sonos, for example).

You can purchase an Evoke C-F6 by heading here. It retails for £349.99.