The Sonorous VI features a solid build hinging on a ruggedly-strong headband and soft, foam ear cups. The ear cups sport a stainless steel housing, ensconcing a hybrid setup involving one dynamic and one balance-armature driver. Simply handling this headphone, it is impossible not to sense a certain level of craftsmanship that has been put into it - like a beautiful silk kimono, or a fine porcelain kyusu.

Situated on my head, the headphones feel somewhat heavy. However, if this is a downside to the design, it might well be the only one. Once adjusted for my giant ears, the Sonorous VI feels remarkably comfortable and I'm soon lost in its sound.

These headphones come packaged with a 1.5 m (or 5 ft) removable cable featuring a dual-input locking connection, ensuring longevity. But that's pretty much it for accessories; Final Audio doesn't overload you with a bunch of rubbish you don't need.


Frequency Range: NA
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 105 dB

Oddly enough, Final Audio doesn't rate the frequency range on this bad boy, but I'd posit that it's somewhere close to 5-30,000 Hertz. That might seem a bit hyperbolic, but once you give these 'phones a listen, you'll understand what I'm talking about - there is just too much detail at play in the lows and highs.

Impedance is a low 8 ohms, allowing this headphone to be used with plenty of low-output devices like smartphones and laptops. Coupled with the decent Sound Pressure, volume is never an issue - even if you're the type of person who likes to blast his tunes.


The low-end hosts a wealth of detail and boasts excellent fidelity. Bass is bumping and lively, giving me the impression of raw, unbridled energy. This intense low-end results in one helluva sound - just perfect for rock and hip-hop. In fact, after running this headphone through my test tracks, I still spent a good two hours bumping some Dirty Dike and Verb T. This low-end is fatter than some High Focus beats, and that's saying something.


The Sonorous VI also sports a decent mid-range, though it can see a bit recessed in comparison to lows and highs. However, even if the mids do play second fiddle to other parts of the frequency range, they remain present. Strong details stay present in vocals and instruments, lending plenty of detail to the VI’s classic, v-shaped sound signature.


Sparkling highs with intense attention to detail mark the high-end. Almost verging on piercing, here the Sonorous Vi never waxes too bright - and yet it still delivers a mesmerizing sound, especially anywhere that strings are concerned.


Good depth and phenomenal placement elevate the soundstage far above and beyond for a closed-back headphone. Honestly, I am astounded to hear this soundstage in a closed back headphone at this price. I feel like I’ve just stumbled upon a magic realm that should only be accessible with a magic ring or an old wardrobe.

Other Observations

The Sonorous VI might seem a little heavy, however, the cups are large and once you get this baby situated, you’re in for one amazing ride.

For a pair of closed-back cans, there's a great amount of headroom. Sure, it’s no Grado RS2e or Focal Elear, but for closed-back soundstage, no other headphone can touch this dime.

Add to this soundstage a rich, dynamic sound and you’ve got a truly emotive and immersive listening experience. This wouldn’t be the closed-back headphone I would use for critical listening sessions at work. But it would be the ‘phones I go home to at night to forget my troubles and get lost in my favourite tracks.


For those in need of a slightly less dynamic sound, the Beyerdynamic T5p might offer a more suitable alternative. Though not necessarily flat, the lows and high on the T5p seem just a tad bit more relaxed.

Fans of a more reference-y sound would do well to consider a mid-range Shure, like the SRH1540 or the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 pro. These models skew more towards a flat sound profile, lending them easily to more professional applications.

Where the Sonorous VI really shines is pure music enjoyment. For a closed back headphone, the VI remains incredibly fun and lively. With a high level of comfort and plenty of isolation, it’s all too easy to spend hours upon hours admiring those crawling lows and soaring highs.

Final Analysis

Well-designed and sporting an impressive sound, the Final Audio Sonorous VI trounces its competition and even gives some more expensive headphones a run for their money. But at 490 GBP, the sheer quality of sound and the ample headroom provide a stellar value to anyone looking for total music enjoyment.