The Specifics

Who: SanDisk, aka the Global Leader in Flash Memory Storage Solutions.
The product: The iXpand Base for iPhone, which comes in four sizes (32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB).
What comes in the packaging: The base itself, and a power adapter.
What are they selling us: With the iXpand Base, you'll "never worry about losing your memories again." SanDisk also suggests you'll be able to charge your phone fast with 15W of power.

What we liked

As mentioned in the specifics breakdown, the iXpand Base's USP is based on the idea that you'll "never worry about losing your memories again." While you could argue that there's no guarantee this product can provide that - your data is stored on an SD card, a format which isn't indestructible - I'm going to skip past the PR chat and fast forward to what this product really gives you: a fast and easy way to backup your data, and if you're short on phone storage, it can help with that too.

At its core, the iXpand Base sort of looks like a paperweight you'd store on your bedside table - except it houses storage. Once you've set it up (plug the adapter into the wall and your iPhone into the base using your current charging cable), you'll be greeted with a message on your phone asking you if you'd like to download the iXpand Base App - assuming you don't already have it. Once it's finished installing, the app will start backing up all your photos and contacts. Obviously, the time it takes will depend on how many photos and contacts it has to import, but it seemed to go through my data incredibly quick

And that's it. All your photos and contacts backed up on an SD card in super fast fashion and with little interaction required. The app also gives you the option to remove the photos from your phone that you just backed-up, which is a lifeline for anyone looking to free up space (shoutout to all your 16gb people out there). If you want to check out your backed-up photos, all you do is plug your phone and open the app to see what's on the SD card - or pop the SD card out and put it in your computer (assuming it has an SD slot).

We really liked the design of the base too, especially the way you can wrap your charging cable around it to keep things tidy. Combine the design and ease-of-use with the fast charge capabilities, and you've got yourself a winner.

What we didn't like

There's actually very little I disliked about the iXpand Base. The only thing I could think of was the lack of charging cable, but that's built into the price. Plus, if you have a phone and don't already have a charging cable, you've got bigger problems to consider. Can you tell that I'm just nitpicking here?

Is It Worth The Money?

There's obviously a huge percentage of people out there that are fine with backing up to the cloud, but the iXpand Base isn't trying to replace that. It's for people looking for a physical option that can work offline, perhaps in addition to their cloud storage. You combine that with the pros we mentioned above, and yes, the iXpand Base is absolutely worth the money.

You can purchase the iXpand Base by heading here. The price ranges from $49.99 to £149.99, depending on the storage size.